Jun 20, 2011



I have come in contact with good number of people, who want to change their life and some who still die in abject poverty. If you confront some they will tell you that they hope that one day they will succeed but without trying out anything. Some only stay at home doing nothing thinking that money will fall from heaven but tomorrow they will say that somebody is holding there destiny.
Let me give you a true fact. If you ask some people to give you some barriers to success, that is what prevents people from achieving success, they may tell you; inferiority complex, failure, doubt, fear etc. let me tell you the only thing holding you back from achieving success is just “you”. You are the sole reason while you fail, why you don’t make attempt. You are the cause of your problem and no body else. Before I proceed, let me ask you this simple question “how much do you make out of a day? At the end of any day have you asked yourself what have I achieved? Sometimes I question myself why do people still suffer in poverty while there are many opportunities lying out there. Do you know an average Nigerian can make $2000 monthly without any capital online?. The only thing that prevents people from achieving online internet business is the doubt they entertain in their minds. Nobody wants to lose money.
In Nigeria the often use of Yahoo Yahoo to qualify any internet business has made people not to unleash their hard earned money to make any deal online. But my reader, I was once like you until I decided to get my self out such limiting beliefs. What normally baffles me is seeing the amount of opportunities lying out there but still people are still dying in poverty. Do you know you can create free websites online and still huge amount of money out of it. Well if you are a Nigerian and are still dying in poverty, then you have decided to change your life through the internet well if you are interested you can order for my eBook “HOW AN AVERAGE NIGERIAN CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE” and discover that there are so many opportunities that are lying out there. The price of the book is only #1000, contact me through my email gentlesanctus@gmail.com or call me 08060424309 for payment details. In the book I exposed all my secrets of making money online.

The contents of the book I promise you will change your life. I have used it to train many, so don’t let it pass you by. This may be the opportunity you are looking for. Infact you have to count yourself lucky jamming this opportunity. If you wish just overlook it. You don’t know the day that God has destined for your blessings.
I was once like you until I decided to change my thinking. My life changed after reading rich dad poor dad by Robert kiyosaki. Your poverty background and your will to succeed suppose to be the reason and motivating factor why you must succeed. How do you want to change your life with doing nothing? I have to motivate you to be like me who rose from nothing to something. Life is nothing but a stage. Don’t let dream killers steal away your dreams. Only you can change your life, only you can change your future, nobody will do that for you. And you can only do that if you put your thoughts into action.

Jun 13, 2011

how to make money through addynamo

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