May 4, 2011


Learn To Control Your Responses

If you want to be successful, you must learn to control your responses in order to take responsibility for your life. A lot of people do not aware about this principle and this is what makes them ended up fail to accomplish their goals and their dreams.
Sometimes you will feel motivated and you would like to do whatever it takes to move forward toward your goals. When this happen, use all your energy and do whatever you can to make a giant leap toward your dreams.
Unfortunately, this is not the state that we experience all the moment. Most of the time we will feel lack of energy and drive to take the necessary action to accomplish our goals. So how can we overcome this?
The key to handle this is to learn to control your responses. Sometimes when bad things happen to you, you will feel lousy and you just do not wish to do anything. For example, if you feel tired or you fall sick, you would not wish to take any action at all. You may just want to lie on the bed to relax or just play some computer games for the day.
Well, you cannot control what happens to you, but you can control the way you reach to what happens to you. In other words, you cannot control the wind, but you can control your sails.
When you fall sick, you can feel bad about it. Or you can choose to think positively such as you can take a good rest while preparing and dream about your future. Or you can also spend time to rest and read some books that you have always wanted to read. Can you see it right now? You can control your responses in your life.
Remember, you are the captain of your life and you can design where you want to go. The key is in controlling your responses in your life. This is one of the most powerful strategies that can help you get what you want in your life. If you can master this skill, you can create the results you want and accomplish whatever goals you set in life, period.
A very good example is in the heavy traffic while you are driving. What will you do if you stuck in a traffic jam and someone actually overtake you from the back? Will you feel angry or will do feel nothing? The answer is it depends. The point is that you can learn to control how you feel by responding in a correct way. You can say to yourself that it is just traffic and nothing more. Do not let this kind of small issue influence your mood. You can and are able to control your emotion if you want to.
So decide now that you will only allow good and positive thoughts linger in your mind. It may be difficult to control your thought at first because you have made your mind a habit to think this for years. Therefore, you will definitely have to put in effort to change your old pattern.
If you can master this key to success, you can live an extraordinary that you have long desired. Just imagine that one day you wake up late because your alarm clock is not functioning anymore, you are late for work and you have a very important meeting to attend. And in your way to the bathroom, you hit your head on door because you are in a rush and you did not aware about it. So how will you feel then?
Obviously, you will feel angry and you just want to prepare to go out quickly. On your way to your office, you stuck in heavy traffic jam and suddenly someone’s car hit your car from the back. You get out of your car and try to settle with the guy. You end up reporting the case in police station and you miss your meeting. So your mood is bad and you feel angry the whole morning. When you get into the office you seem to hate everyone and you try to release on everyone. How do you want a day like this?
This is the consequence if you do not know how to control your responses. There is a Chinese proverb that says it so well, “The difference between heaven and hell is a thought”. Just like what this quote explains, “There is no right or wrong only thinking makes it so”. In other words, you can choose how you want to respond. You can respond positively or you can respond negatively, it is all up to you.
Of course, if you would like to stay motivated, have the drive to take action to accomplish your goals and live your dreams, you will need to learn to control your response so that it will move you toward the destination that you want to go.
So now you know what you will have to do to produce the results you want in your life. Just stay aware and adopt this principle in your life for at least 21 days. What you are trying to do here is to make it into a new habit. When you understand this principle and use it in your life, you will be able to achieve amazing outcomes and live a great life.

How Do People Achieve Extraordinary Success From Nothing

Do you want to learn the art of achieving extraordinary success in life? What a dumb question, of course you do, that’s the reason you are here, right?
At this moment, you can choose and decide to either continue to read on or stop and leave my blog, but I hope you choose the former, LOLz.
What I am trying to say here is that success is not an overnight thing and the same goes for failure. It is the small decision that you make in your life that will determine your success today. It is the combination and the accumulation of all the small successes that you do that will lead you toward a bigger success.
You simply cannot become a millionaire overnight, unless you win the lottery or you marry to someone who is extremely rich. However, these kinds of riches will never last because you do not have the financial knowledge to manage the huge amount of money.
Thus, the best way to becoming rich and successful is still to earn it by your own. And what I am going to share with you today is something that you already know, just that you are not aware of it or you are not willing to do it simply because you are not committed.

Accumulate Your Small Successes From Now

Like what I have mentioned above, it is all the small successes that you do each day that add up over time, will give you the huge success you want in life. Extraordinary people are once an ordinary people. Bill Gates was once the normal guy on the street that nobody recognizes. The same goes for Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods and many others.
It is because of their persistence in taking small and consistent action each day, they eventually created the life of their dreams. You must learn to be and do the same thing. When you understand this principle, you will look at life differently and you will be willing to sacrifice to take action each day. Even now, you can choose to continue to read on or to stop. It is all up to you.
You are making decisions in your life everyday no matter whether you like it or you do not. When you wake up early in the morning, you are choosing between waking up immediately or to silent the alarm and continue to sleep. You ask yourself what to eat in the afternoon; you make the decision to go McDonald’s. After work, you will think about what to do and who to dinner with.
So you see, your life is made up of small decisions that will stack up and determine your future. And because you can choose and make the decision, you are actually in charge of your future.
You Decide Your Future
Let me ask you a question, do you prefer to have vacation in Maldives now or do you prefer to stay in the office and work like a dog? Most people will prefer to enjoy and relax in Maldives. It is all your decision and your choice. You can say that you do not have the money to travel so far to Maldives too. Again, you can choose to steal, to borrow or to earn it. Can you see it right now? Life is all about choices and making the right decision.
This is why you need to have a clear goal in your mind so that you will travel in the right direction and are moving forward toward your ultimate destination. If you do not know what you want in the future, you will never know whether what you are doing right now is something right or wrong.
Once you knew what you want, it will be easy for you to choose and make the right decision. If you want to become a successful blogger, you can choose to write and post articles everyday, or you can still choose to watch movie and do nothing about your goal, it is all up to you. The key is that once you have a clear target in your head, you will know what you supposed to do in order to achieve your target.
This is what sets extraordinary people from the normal people. So do you know what kind of future and what kind of life you want to have? If you are still unclear with your future, spend your time now to find it out.

Start From Small And Then Build

Now you know that success is not something that will come to you overnight. It is not something ‘big’ that happen in an instant. Therefore, you and every one of us stand a chance to change our lives. We all are presented with the same opportunity to succeed and to live the kind of life that we want. It is just how we choose and decide in our lives that count.
No matter who you are right now, you are who you are today because of your past decision. And remember this, your past does not equal to your future. If you are not very successful right now, you can choose and decide to change.
If you are not satisfied with your current life, you can do something from now on and improve the quality of your life. All you have to do is to start from small and then build. Choose to make the right decision that will move you forward toward your goals and your dreams. This is how you can become extraordinary starting from nothing.

The Key To Becoming Extraordinary

April 20th, 2011 by Shawn 1 comment »
Do you know what the key to becoming extraordinary in life is? I believe that you always heard about that if you want to be successful, you must do something that you love or are passionate in. However, what I am going to share with you here today is totally different.
change if you hateIf you want to be successful, you must do something that you hate. Think about it, a lot of people hate to make the cold calls, students hate to study, and the vast majority of people hate their work. Nobody likes to wake up early in the morning when they can sleep more in their warm bed. The key is if you want to be extraordinary and be successful, you must do what you hate.
In other words, you have to venture out of your comfort zone. I know that it feels so secure and warm to stay in your comfort zone. However, this is what most people do and if you want to be different, you must start to do it differently. Stop being the same like everyone if you want to live an extraordinary life. If others are working 8 hours, you must work harder than that. It is true that you can work smart instead of working hard. However, if you can work smart and in the same time, work harder than most people, do you think you will be able to produce even better results? You know the answer.
In order to love what you hate to do, you must take the first step to doing it. The first step is always the hardest because you need to build up the momentum to get it moving. Once you have started it and taken the first step, keep on doing it and dig deeper. Make it your habit and you will eventually love to do what you hate to do at first.
It is just like studying. If you hate math, you have to dig deeper. Try to spend time everyday to solve some math questions and learn more for the subject, you will end up building a passion for it. You can choose not to believe me, but just try it for a month and you will agree with me. The deeper you dig, the more you will like it.
Successful people become successful because they love to do what most of the people out there hate to do. Look at Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, he worked day and night and he sacrificed most of his leisure time to build his business. The same goes for Donald Trump. According to Trump, he is so passionate with his work that he cannot really sleep at night. He will think about all the deals and can’t wait to go to work. This is why they are extraordinary and are able to create outstanding results in life.
Another good example is that when you decide to improve your performance on something that you hate to do, you will actually spend more time and better prepare yourself before you do it. Just like public speaking, most people hate to do it and they are afraid of doing it. And if you decided to overcome this fear and to improve your public speaking skill, and when you have the chance to do it, you will prepare harder than most people.
Do you know what will happen as a result of this? You will dig deeper and perform better than ordinary people. You will get good praise and your confident will soar. And when this happen, you will begin to feel great about public speaking, you will want to do more of it, you will feel like doing it and you will become extraordinary in it.
This is how you should start. Dig deeper into the things that you hate to do and prepare yourself for it. Of course, this is not to the extent that you prepare but are not doing anything about it. A lot of people stay in the stage of ‘analysis paralysis’. This is where they keep on learning but are not taking any action. Just like you keep on learning about making good investment in the stock market, but you are not doing anything with what you have learned. Do not let this happen to you.
Just do it and you will produce the results that you want. Therefore, identify what you hate to do, but if you did it, you will move yourself closer toward your dreams and your goals. After you have identified them, come up with a plan of how you can dig deeper and learn more about it. For instance, you can read books about it, ask and talk to others about the subject, or get yourself a mentor to guide you through.
And finally, take action to do it. You have spent your time to identify it and to learn it, so don’t waste the effort half way. Just do it and you will improve. You will start to feel great about doing it. This is how you can turn what you hate to do into something that you are passionate about. And this is how great people become extraordinary. You can be the same. IF YOU WANT TO REALLY BE A MULTI MILLIONAIRE YOU CAN GET THIS BOOK FROM AMAZON Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of WealthMaking Money Online - the Easy Way AND The Millionaire Next Door: Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy. YOU CAN GET Rich Dad, Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money--That the Poor and the Middle Class Do Not! (Miniature Edition) BY KIYOSAKI. AND SEE HOW YOUR LIFE CAN BE. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST



May 3, 2011

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Download Mozilla Firefox 3.1 Beta 3
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you dont already have it on your
Pc, But not to worry if you
already have it. NOTE: If you
already have Firefox, The Add-On
site will Automatically ask you
Install the Header.
3. But if you
dont have Mozilla, the Add-On will
be Downloaded to your PC. So
Install the Mozilla you downloaded,
after Installing it,Open it and Drag
the ADD-ON Header you downloaded
into your Mozilla to Install and
Intergrate ADD-ON Modify Headers
with Firefox.
4. After the Step
Above, Then Click on TOOLS >
the Last Option in the Tools Option.
5. Now the Modify Header will Pop-
Up, You will see 5 Boxes, The First
One has Drop Down containing: ADD
6. Choose ADD and
fill in the Following Value in the

Name Box: HOST: and lastly
under comment write 8080 and
then Save. Do the same for Modify
and dont choose Filter, You will See
Two Red Ball beside your
configuration now and they must
be green before it will Browse
7. Now go to the Extreme
Right, You will see Some Buttons,
Only Choose "ENABLE ALL" and
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Browser: HTTP PROXY:
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Modify Header work on Mozilla
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THIS TRICK This Mozilla Trick does
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There are many Different between
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